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March 23, 2022

A sweet escape to the magic lighthouse – Palagruža

The Palagruža lighthouse was built in 1875 on the island of the same name, located almost in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, halfway between the Croatian and Italian coasts. It is the most remote Croatian island of exceptional beauty and rich history.
March 21, 2022

Best Diving spots in Dalmatia

Experience Dalmatia on a completely new side and discover the amazing underwater world of Croatia on the Adriatic by diving with a mask.
March 18, 2022

5 most beautiful cities on the Adriatic ideal for life at any time of the year

All those who live near the sea know that the way of life on the Dalmatian coast is much more than a habit. The sea and the sun are something else, they are a source of life for Dalmatians, and numerous studies have shown that the proximity of the sea affects life satisfaction, higher self-esteem, social self-confidence, increased resilience, and reduced stress.
March 17, 2022

The children of Ukraine need our help

Ukrainian people, especially children and women, are going through dramatic moments and enormous suffering.

February 9, 2022

Join us on the tour to the magic Plitvice Lakes National park

During the summer season in Split, to be more precise from 1st of May till 15th of October, you can join our tour and visit the true Croatian National wonder. The tour to Plitvice Lakes National Park departs every day from Split at 07:15 AM when we begin to check in our guests.
February 9, 2022

Blue pearl of Dalmatia

Modra Špilja (The Blue Cave), located in a small cove of Balun on the island of Biševo. The cave was formed by the wave action of the sea, as sea water eroded the limestone rock of which the whole island of Biševo is composed. The cave itself is 24 meters long, 10–12 meters deep and up to 15 meters high, while the entrance to it measures 1.5 meters high and 2.5 meters wide.
February 9, 2022

Did you know these 10 facts about Croatia?

1. The Roman emperor Diocletian built a palace in Dalmatia in 305 A.D., which became the foundation of today’s city of Split. 2. ...