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Enjoy a family adventure with our Blue Lagoon Croatia Tours. Located between the mainland and the Drvenik Veli island near Trogir, Blue Lagoon offers the perfect setting for a memorable family vacation. The Blue Lagoon provides an ideal playground for families to enjoy quality time together. Dive into the inviting turquoise waters, swim, and snorkel and discover the vibrant marine life that inhabits this underwater paradise. Our Blue Lagoon Croatia Tours cater to families of all ages, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Join us on this unforgettable family adventure and experience the joy and wonder of the Blue Lagoon in Croatia.

FAQs about Blue Lagoon in Croatia

1Where is the Blue Lagoon located in Croatia?
The Blue Lagoon, one of Croatia's most captivating natural attractions, is located near the town of Trogir, which lies on the Adriatic coast. Situated in the region of Dalmatia, the Blue Lagoon can be found between the mainland and the Drvenik Veli island.
2Are there any age restrictions or special requirements for the Blue Lagoon Tour?
When planning to embark on the Blue Lagoon Tour, it is essential to be aware of any age restrictions or special requirements that may apply. Here's what you need to know: Age restrictions: The tour is generally suitable for participants of all ages. However, it is recommended to check with Waterworld Croatia regarding any specific age restrictions, especially for young children or infants. Accessibility: The small luxury boat used for the tour may have limited accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges. It is advisable to inquire about accessibility options and any necessary arrangements in advance. Safety considerations: As with any boat tour, it is important to follow the safety guidelines provided by the crew. This may include wearing life jackets when required and following the instructions for boarding and disembarking the boat.