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What is a RIB?

The RIB ( Rigid Inflatable Boat ) is a kind of speed boat with a hull made of polyester. Around this hull is an air-filled tube applied. The low weight, combined with the rigid hull and a strong engine makes it a very seaworthy and manoeuvrable speedboat. RIBs are therefore referred to as the 4x4 of the sea.

How fast sailing RIB 's?

The maximum speed is around 110 km per hour. But as hard as that we do not sail constantly, our aim is always that all guests have a good time. A little more about the maximum speed: This depends on the motor (hp) in combination with the length/weight of the boat, the experience of the skipper, [p[[weather, currents and the number of people on the boat.
We are cruising about 55KMPH.. ☺️

From what age can you sail with us?

Under 15 years accompanied by an adult required. Children above the 5 years are allowed to be inboard with the group tours. below 5 years, the only option is to book a private tour so we can take care of the young children on board.

Am I getting wet on the boat?

While sailing you will not get wet, but a little splash you can always expect.

When it's not wise to sail with us?

When you have serious neck, back or knee problems, or if you are pregnant from 4 months, we recommend not to sail. For more information, please contact us.

Are you insured during a RIB Adventure?

Yes, Waterworld Adventures has passenger insurance.

Do you work throughout the year?

We do private tours all year round, the group tours are from May until November.

Can we drive the boat by myself?

This is the question we get very often from our customers. However, there are several factors why we are not allowing this:
- The sea is unpredictable and much experience is required.
- The boats have a lot of power and speed, a mistake can be easily made.
- For passengers insurance, it is required that we have a licensed skipper at the wheel.
- Finally, we have the responsibility for all passengers on board.

For all questions you have, feel free to ask and contact us.

Team Waterworld