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Imagine yourself on board this amazing yacht. Our professional crew will bring you to the most extraordinary and unique locations. Compared to the Waterworld Speedboat tours, this is a completely different experience. No fast travelling by powerful speedboats and strong engines!

But get close to mother nature.. Feel the light breeze in your face, have a drink on deck, experience the waves and enjoy the sound of…. Nature. Swim in turquoise blue waters, explore the sea underwater.

Sailing out the harbour of Split, with a breathtaking panoramic view we set sail towards the island Šolta.

It's about 1,5 hour sailing and hopefully in the morning we will have a light breeze of wind. Our captain will explain to you the islands and surrounding.. so you will have an idea where you are and what to expect! With a population of 1.700 island Solta is not that big, it has a 60 square kilometre area and it's still not discovered by mass tourism which is a reason more to sail this direction and explore one beautiful bay in the village of Necujam.

Once we arrive there, we will anchor the yacht, and you will have enough time to swim and snorkel in turquoise blue water. There is a shipwreck as well, so interesting enough to discover life under the waterline. The bay is really beautiful and calm. It Is well protected from the wind, so these are moments of relaxation. Our crew will serve you drinks, and we have our homemade smoked ham, and cheese on board.

After 1,5 hour of free time it's time to raise up the anchor and leave the bay. The Mistral wind is waiting for you and perhaps the crew needs your help to raise up the sails! It's time for action. ‘Sailing is an adventure, and everyone's experience it in their own way. We hope that you had your’s. ‘ ‘’Welcome to the Waterworld Family’’


• Sailing boat
• Captain/crew
• Free Wifi
• Gasoline
• Prsut/cheese platter
• Insurance
• Drinks on board